Finnyinu Aure's Diary pt 1

Meeting up with old friends

Date: Unknown

Like I writ last time, I journed to Freeport, Kayaj and Volatile went with me. After the journey I was really tired, so I went to set up camp, but the next day I met up with Selinye, finaly. I sent out a message to her and thank god it reached her. She did have some problem remembering me, but after some refreshing she kind of remembered me. She was with a friend of hers, Qaelin. I still can't descern their true relationship as like true dark elves they hide it pretty well.

I invited them to Narcatol Alcatas and they accepted. As Selinye still is Selinye, even though her memory is clouded I have made them members.

That's about what happened in a nutshell. Good luck all :)

- Finny

Coming up for some air
Reaching the 13th Circle

Date: Unknown

Lately I've spend a lot of time out and about doing nothing interresting. But well, it has to be done. Keeping guild member lists up to date and stuff. Right now we have a total of 19 members, so it's not going bad at all.

I've met up with little Jules, and quite a few other Mystic Knights. We might be spread out through other guilds at the moment, but we will always stay true to where we came from.

In the meantime I am still regaining my memory. I have recently relearned how to summon a stone to help breath underwatter. Something very usefull if you ask me.

One last thing. I found the journals of the Mystic Knights and Voice of the Norrathians guilds in the Three Towers. I'm currently working on copying them and have advanced quite a bit with it. But still they are large books and copying them takes some time.

Anyhow, back to my tasks. - Finny

Some stuffs

Date: Feastday, Warmstill 28 of the year 3722

A lot has happened in the past weeks. For one I have heard the news that a few of my friends have arrived in Norrath, Qaelin and Selinye. They're dark elves but always fun to be with. Heard this information from the Isle of Refuge.

On a different note I keep getting my strength back. I can now summon a companion from the void again! It's an earth elemental. Also after finding a book I've managed to make it stronger then it was, by this it's shape also changed from a flying bug (which made some quite annoying sounds) to a spider.

Narcatol Alcatas is doing fine as well. We now have about 16 members and we have great adventuring parties.

I'm not sure what to all write about next, but I can tell you that I've been quite bussy.

Cyas around. =) - Finny

Narcatol Alcatas

Date: Unknown

Today I've met up with Elricinoor. He was doing great and even asked me to help him in managing his guild, Narcatol Alcatas. I've said yes and he promoted me to second in command.

Also, I worked with Magister Nicksel to see if he could unlock some memories with some training. It worked and I'm a bit stronger now. He said that as soon as I would be able to conjure up an elemental I'd be officially ackowledged as a summoner. I'm near to that, I can feel it.

I've also recieved word that my son was seen at the Island of Refuge. At least he's save.

I've received a message that Macglenn, Trillium, Bregan and some other of my friends are save and adventuring again through Norath. All in all, a good day. Oh yea, their band is called TheDragons.


Date: Unknown

Well, after being greeted in Qeynos, or more specificaly Castleview. I've been guided around. The caretaker here is so nice. She showed me around Castleview a bit and told me how to gain citizenship.

Oh yea, you maybe havn't noted from the above paragraph, but yes, they gave me a house, for free! How nice of them.

About the citizenship thing, it wasn't too hard. All I had to do was collect some coins in the (stinky) down below. They then asked me to pass judgement over some bunch who wanted to go to Freeport. In the end I had to kill 3. At least that one girl would see her mistakes and stay.

After that they gave me a book, a neat staff and ring. The book contained some text about Qeynos, so I've read it and looked up places described in it. Aftwords I put the book in my new home.

Oh, another great note: The dragon egg I found in velious hatched :) It's a blue and aqua baby girl! And she's full of live.

On my way to Qeynos now

Date: Unknown

Right now I'm on my way to Qeynos, the only known good city left. Freeport seemed to have made it as well, but they didn't even want me there. It's all the fault of that evil d'lere.

Ah well, after helping out my bit on the island they've granted me some real clothing. So happy to be back in a robe. :)

That surely where a lot of Goblins there, also that orc was quite tough. I guess that my strength really is gone.

Ah well, I'll try to regain it.

Oh I've heard that an old friend of mine, Elricinoor, has started a new guild in Qeynos, can't wait to meet up with him.

All of this there is still a few conserns for me. The primary one being where to sleep. The other one being the citizenship; they've told me I wouldn't be guaranteed citezenship, but I would have to do a special program to obtain it.


Date: Unknown

This is just great *ahem*. After managing to almost reach land my strength competely ran out and I nearly drowned. Ah well at least I got picked up by this ship. I somehow feel weaker now; like a lot of my power has been lost somehow. Less of my experiences remain fresh in my memory either.

They've told me that they didn't know where Velious was, and that very few remain who actually been there. I guess I'm one of them.

The land there is bieutiful, but after being trapped there for soo long it does get cold. Neither my gate spell nor the Knowledge book transported to me to the Plane which I called home for the last few years. I know it was bad to leave my son in Felwithe, alone, but I know he'll make it, I've tought him to be strong. Besides he just loved the paladin guild there.

Of my clothing only rags remain, and the rest is all in the Plane of Knowledge. Ah well I guess I'll have to see how this works out.

The captain told me that we're approuching land now, the Island of Refuge. Guess that means I'm a refugee now. It doesn't matter though, I'll be there in no time.