Fiander Aure's Diary

What happened...

Date: Unknown

What happened here I don't know, I just awoke on the deck of some strange ship. After talking to the captain I found it was the far Journey. They tell me Luclin blew up... The thing is I don't remember a thing... Think I might have bumbed my head against something. I found a diary in my pocket, some of the parts have become illegible due to the water, but most is in good order. I have copied the only entry into this new one.

After reading that entry some images of the journey came to mind, so I guess it is my own. Anyways, I am going to look and ask around to see if anyone remembers anything about who I am.

My first journey out.

Date: Illegible

Today I journeyed out of Felwithe for the first time, I have somewhat prepared myself by asking around. My mother, Finnyinu has been gone a lot; But with a good map and well layed out paths it wasn't hard to get here.

The only reason I left Felwithe was because of the threat of the Ralosian army. I hope everyone is ok back there. I would've fought, but since I've only followed a bit of the paladin training they thought it was better for me to leave.

We're all waiting for the boat out, but I can only hope nothing goes wrong. Ah there the boat is, I do hope everything will be ok...