Fiander Aure's Diary


Date: Illegible

Well, I don't remember too much of what happened, all I did remember was who I am, what I was able to do, and how to do it. Though when I heard the names Selinye and Qaelin did ring a bell, and after I saw them I remembered some more. The fine adventures I had with them.

Anyhow we did well ridding that odd island of some stupid orc. Now it might be a bit easier controlling those goblins. Anyhow after all we've done we've gone our sepperate ways to Freeport and will highly likely see eachother again.

It's time for me to do my task to become a citizen, it's just some tokens so it won't be too hard.


- Azadi

Qaelin and Selinye's journeys
  • [1] Evil [unknown date]